I hope you will enjoy your time spent learning about the piano. My goals are to actively engage my students in reaping the joys of all aspects of music and encourage them to reach their full potential. I treat each of my students as individuals, and cater every lesson to their specific needs and strengths. I am always open to any questions you may have, and you are free to contact me at any time.

Lesson Format

Lessons will meet weekly and are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length. Lesson will end after the exact length from the arranged start time, regardless of late arrivals. Technique, music theory, and performance skills will be addressed during each lesson session. Guidance on practice strategies will be reviewed and assignments will be given, along with a weekly practice log.

Tuition and Payment

Tuition must be paid on or before the 15th of each previous month (i.e. the month of September is paid for on August 15th). Invoices will be emailed to you on the 1st of each month. If you prefer to have a hardcopy mailed to your home, let me know.

Fee Schedule:
30 minute lesson - $75/month
45 minute lesson - $105/month
60 minute lesson - $130/month

The fee schedule will remain constant each month regardless of how many weeks and/or lessons may actually be scheduled each month. This allows for consistency when there are scheduled breaks or vacation times, as well as inclusion of scheduled group classes.

Lessons not beginning at the start of the month will have their fees prorated for that month.

You may pay with cash or check made payable to "Mariel Mohns", and remit it in person or by mail. You may also pay online via the secure PayPal portal on my website. There is a late fee of $10 for each week payment is past due. Please include the late fee with your late payment.

Families with more than one student enrolled in the studio will receive a 10% discount to their tuition fees.

If you must stop lessons for any reason, you must give me a two-week notice. There will be no refund for breaking your lesson commitment.


Regular attendance is important for adequate progress to occur. Please arrive on time so that we can take advantage of the full lesson time. If you arrive early, you may come in and wait until the previous lesson is finished.

In addition, there will be 6 group lessons scheduled throughout the school year months. It is mandatory that you attend at least 5 of these classes. I strongly believe that some concepts are best taught in a group environment, and these lessons will help add variety to the normal weekly schedule.

During the month of July, there will be a week-long Piano Camp in lieu of regular weekly lessons. There will be NO lessons offered during the month of August.

If you must miss a lesson, please contact me as soon as you know you will be absent. I require at least a 24 hour notice for known conflicts or as soon as possible in the case of emergency/illness. I am not obligated to make up lessons canceled by the student and monthly tuition will not be adjusted. However, if I must cancel a lesson, I will inform you as soon as possible and make every effort to schedule an appropriate make-up time. Switching lesson times with other students is possible - please consult the studio schedule to see what other times lessons are being held.


Diligent practice is the only way to be prepared for your lessons. All students are to keep a weekly practice log, in which I write all assignments. If you check your email on a regular basis, I can email lesson notes to you as well.

Parental Involvement

You, as a parent enrolling your son or daughter in piano lessons, have already identified yourself as someone interested in the well-being and education of your child. Just as you help your child with schoolwork, I ask that you please do your part in our musical venture as well. Please make sure your child practices his or her assignments and checks their weekly practice log.

You know your child best. If you have any suggestions on how I can help him or her learn better, please do not hesitate to tell me. We can work together to provide the best possible music education.

Books and Materials

Books and extra materials are not included in tuition. Each student is required to have a 3-ring binder for lesson materials and are responsible for bringing all materials to their lesson each week. Any new lesson books will be purchased by me, and the appropriate amount will be added to your next month's invoice for reimbursement.

Recitals and Festivals

A studio recital will be held every winter and spring. All students who have been studying for a year or more are asked to participate. A pot-luck reception will follow.

Participation in festivals is optional, and all fees are the responsibility of the student. I do strongly encourage students who have been studying 1 year or more to participate as it provides excellent assessment of your progress in addition to competative performance opportunities.


Please wash your hands with soap and warm water before your piano lesson. No gum, food, or drink is allowed. Young children should use the restroom before arriving, as bathroom breaks result in less playing time. All students should keep fingernails trimmed.